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Get Your Closet Summer-Ready

Summer is just about here, and for all of us design enthusiasts and fashionistas that means it’s time for a mini closet overhaul. Goodbye trench coats, hello flirty dresses, short shorts and sky-high sandals. Darlings, you know me, and I am an advocate for cleaning out your closet once per season, storing seasonal items and paving the way for a few new must-have items on your wish list. I consider the summer closet cleanout a mini-purge, as I’m sure you already did some spring cleaning and your closet only needs a tiny bit of editing.

Each season, I make it a point to ask myself a few simple questions about my current style and the current state of my closet. You are personally invited to the interior of the left hemisphere of my brain to see how my closet cleanout process begins.

I ask myself:

  1.  Is this an item I will wear this summer?
    If you didn’t wear it last summer, you won’t wear it this summer. Trust your instinct, your instinct knows if you will wear those white boot-cut jeans again.
  2.  Does this article of clothing or accessory reflect my current style?
    There is a difference between trendy and stylish, and all fashion lovers walk that fine line. It’s important to know what looks good on you, what styles flatter your figure, and how to look stylish without looking like you are trying too hard.
  3. Does it fit?
    This is the most important question for any closet purge. Items that don’t fit should be purged from your closet. Just because you bought those Prada shoes at a sample sale and they are a half-size too small, it doesn’t mean you should hold onto them. Pave the way for a fabulous new pair; you will be glad you did. And someone else will be happy to receive your Prada shoes.
  4. Is my closet overflowing or is there ample space for new items?
    Closets tend to be the one place in the house where hoarding becomes acceptable, but overflowing closets aren’t functional (or pretty). I like to maximize storage in the closet with Pliio Clothing Filers, they allow you to fold your clothing quickly and neatly. Also, streamlining your hangers is my number one tip for an organized closet, check out the Slim-Line Velvet Hangers on my site, they add instant glam to your closet.
  5.  How will I store my other seasonal items?
    I use leather boxes to store sweaters and coats that I won’t wear until the following season. I place them at the top of my closet to make room for summer styles.
  6.  How will I preserve my boots, handbags and coats for next season?
    I like to store my boots with Boot Trees, they prevent cracking and they preserve boots for the following season. You can find a few different options on my site. I also use the Purse Pillow to store my winter bags, which helps maintain the shape of the handbag and protects against moisture.
  7.  Will I donate or deliver to a consignment shop?
    Make two piles. For gently worn high-end items, you might consider taking them to a consignment shop; you could earn some extra money for your summer wardrobe. For the remaining pile; you can donate to an organization like Dress for Success or Goodwill.



Fashion & Fun Collide at our Chic VINCE Event

If you didn’t make it to Vince boutique on Robertson a couple weeks ago, you missed a perfect pairing of design savants! VINCE – every tastemaker’s favorite fashion staple spot – paired forces with Lisa Adams, the reigning closet queen and design genius behind LA Closet Design, to create an intimate style soiree for LA’s most fashion forward denizens. While Lisa chatted with clients about her latest design innovations, VINCE showed its pre-fall collection. Of course, sweets, treats and bubbly topped off the evening and made for an elegant event. Keep an eye out for the next chic collaboration!

Summer Accessory Must Haves

True fashionista’s understand the art of accessorizing. A black t-shirt and white skinny jeans become cocktail party chic when paired with a fedora, a layered necklace and metallic sandals. With summer on the horizon it’s time to update your warm-weather picks with this season’s most stylish accessories. From beach bags and sunglasses to tech toys and cuff bracelets, get inspired with my top five favorite trends straight from the runway.


  1. Rock your trip to the beach with a Calypso St. Barth Shiny Raffia Bag. With a hint of metallic this olive hued bag is the perfect combination of down-to-earth beachy chic meets glamour girl.

  2. Whether you prefer aviators, oversized or round sunglasses, the most important task is to find the right pair that suits the shape of your face. This summer, I will be sporting Ray-Ban Original Aviator Sunglasses.

  3. Scarves are so versatile, especially in summer when they can be worn around your neck, over your hair or as a sarong. I love this Marc by Marc Jacobs black and white print scarf.
  4. Cuff bracelets are a statement piece any time of year, but I prefer to show off a gorgeous gold cuff bracelet with a summer glow and a flirty dress. Kenneth Jay Lane hammered cuff bracelet at
  5. I like to infuse some fun into my technology, and this iPhone 5C case called out to me for the perfect touch of summer whimsy.

Chic Mother’s Day Gifts

If anyone deserves something chic and luxurious, it’s your mother. She has pampered you and now it’s your turn to pamper her. And with Mother’s Day approaching on Sunday, May 11, now is the perfect time to plan ahead and find the perfect gift that she never knew she wanted. If you shop like me, I find something beautiful and I buy one for me, and one for mom. I simply cannot resist. It doesn’t matter how much you have to spend, simple and heartfelt is incredibly chic. I have chosen a wide range of gifts that will make her feel celebrated and loved, and that is the mark of a memorable Mother’s Day.

  1. Is there any flower more beautiful than the peony? I am a flower purist and I like streamlined bouquets, so this peony bouquet in a silver mint julep vase speaks to me, and I think it will speak to your mother too.

  2. A gorgeous spring scent, Valentina by Valentino, the designers first fragrance.

  3. Jo Malone is the master of scent, and her Pomegranate Noir Diffuser is layered with fresh and fruity scents of ruby, pomegranate, raspberry and plum.

  4. I love simple jewelry that makes a statement, and the Diamond Elle Jolie Bangel is the ideal Mother’s Day gift. Available in silver or gold.

  5. From one chic lady to another, The Gospel According to Coco


Tapping Into Your Left Brain To Organize Your Closet

The left side of the brain is known as the logical side of the brain, it controls speech, logic and mathematical abilities. And, it can help when it comes to organization and how details are implemented – the big picture if you will. As a closet designer, I consider myself left-brained, but I also rely on my right brain for creativity and aesthetic. I do believe that tapping into that perfect blend of left brain meets right brain can be incredibly powerful in many areas of life and business. It’s true, I do have my degree in Chemistry, which utilizes my left brain tendencies, but I am also passionate about style and design, so you could surmise that I found my dream career (which I did!).

Now, a few tips from inside the left hemisphere of my brain about how to best organize your closet:

1)    Analyze: The left side of the brain is for gathering data and making analyses. Scope out your closet, make a list of what should stay and what should go. Use an online tool or draft a sketch of how you foresee your new closet.

2)    Gather Data: Research what you need to organize your closet. Do you need all new uniform hangers? Purse pillows to preserve your handbags? Leather boxes for jewelry, scarves or mementos? Make a list and gather your materials.

3)    Organize: Based on your list of data and your analysis, clean out your closet, donate what you no longer wear or need. This will allow you a clean slate to begin the execution of your closet organization.

4)    Execution: With your materials in hand, and your spreadsheet, sketch or list, begin re-building your closet to suit your vision. Hang up your new hangers and organize your clothing by style and color. Place your shoes on shoe shelves, hang your jewelry neatly where you can see it, and display your handbags with Purse Pillows.

You did it, welcome to the left side of your brain.



What’s In and What’s Out – Closet Design

I’m thrilled that closet design has become an integral function of the home. I have always considered my closet to be one of the most important rooms in my home, and when it is cluttered or disorganized it affects how I start (and end) my day. A National Association of Home Builders survey revealed that 64% of homebuyers don’t feel they have adequate storage space, and without the proper closet accessories it’s difficult to achieve your dream closet. I want to share the latest innovations with you that will help you find a place for everything in your closet and bring your closet into 2014.

  • Metal Closet Rod vs. LED Closet Rod: The LED Closet Rod will alter the entire aesthetic of your closet. In a silver finish with a neutral white light the LED Closet Rod will illuminate your clothing and modernize your closet.

  • Shoe Shelves vs. Shoe Racks: Shoe shelves provide a simple, streamlined way to view all of your shoes in one place. They are not only visually appealing, shoe shelves provide adequate space and help you to maintain your shoes.

  • Mothballs vs. Lavender By-The-Yard: We can all identify the smell of mothballs. Bring your closet into 2014 with Lavender By-The-Yard. It smells clean and fresh and will repel moths in style, and who doesn’t need to do that? I sell them on my site.

  • Plastic or Wire Hangers vs. Chrome or Velvet: If you know me, you know that my first line of defense to get any closet organized is to update and streamline the hangers. An updated closet should have uniform hangers in chrome, velvet, metal, felt or bamboo, it’s an investment and your closet will instantly appear synchronized and clean.

  • Rattan Storage Boxes vs. Leather Storage Boxes: I designed a set of chic color-block leather storage boxes that will add instant elegance to your closet and hold anything from sweaters and t-shirts to boots and keepsakes.



Spring Cleaning – What to Save and What to Donate

It’s time to refresh and revitalize our closet darlings, and we are focusing on what to save and what to donate. Many of my clients have some degree of sentimental value attached to what’s in their closet. I get it, I’m sentimental too, but I’m also practical, and practicality is the gateway to organization. We all tend to hold on to too many of the same styles of clothing, how many black t-shirts do you need? I recommend inviting a friend over to help you really assess what you need and what you don’t. Friends will give it to you straight and you will be one step closer to a beautiful streamlined, organized closet.

A few tips regarding what to save and what to donate.


  • Your best jeans: Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, black jeans, white jeans. Keep jeans that fit well and are still in style.
  • Spring Style: This spring is all about aged denim, florals, airy fabrics, rich embroidery and the color orange – orange is the new black. Keep anything in your closet that is on trend, or keep pieces that will help you build on a trend, e.g. a lacey bohemian dress that you already own with a new orange handbag.

  • Streamlined Hangers: I say this often, but a closet with streamlined hangers, they should all be uniform (same color, same size, same brand), is the first step in an organized closet. I love the Satin Chrome hangers on my site; they instantly add elegance to your closet.

  • Outerwear: Blazers, leather jackets and cardigan sweaters can be classic and timeless, but they can also be woefully out of date. Check your outerwear to make sure it reflects who you are today and is still in good shape.
  • Loungewear/Pajamas: I often see drawers packed with pajamas and loungewear, and there are often too many pieces that serve the same purpose. Save your favorites and toss the rest.
  • Shoes: I prefer classic heels in black and nude, a few pairs of whimsical summer sandals, chic flats, a sneaker or two and a few pairs of athletic shoes. Your instinct will tell you if it’s time to get rid of those wedge sneakers or Uggs (hint, hint).



  • Jeans: Try them on and get rid of anything that A) doesn’t fit, and B) is out of style. Yes, even if you paid $200 for those jeans, you must get rid of them if they no longer work (see reasons A and B above).
  • Mismatched Hangers: Get rid of any hangers that don’t match, you will instantly streamline your closet.

  • Faded Black Items: From t-shirts to blazers to pants, once black fades it has lost its luster and should promptly be placed in the “donate” pile. A new black blazer or shirt will make you feel good and freshen up your wardrobe basics.
  • Anything You Haven’t Worn In One Year: This has been a long-standing rule among fashionista’s and closet organizers alike, but I might take it one step further and say 6-8 months. We know what we like and what we don’t, trust your instinct and know that if you haven’t worn it in 6 months (seasonal items excluded), you will most likely never wear it again.
  • Ill-Fitting Clothing Or Shoes: Some of my clients will hold onto clothing or shoes because they spent a lot of money on it, but if they don’t fit I recommend donating it and giving the item a second life with someone it does work for. You have now made room for something that does fit, and that feels like productive spring-cleaning.

Rock Your Spring Closet Cleanout

Spring is upon us, and there is no better time to take inventory of what’s in your closet, donate your gently worn goods and add a colorful new accessory to your closet. I might spring for a bright new armchair or a decadent chandelier to infuse a bit of fun and a dash of luxe into my closet. Sometimes small changes can go a long way in completely transforming the look and feel of your closet. But first, you have some spring-cleaning to do, and I have some tips that will set the mood and help you rock your closet cleanout.

Setting The Mood…

  • Before you begin discarding, organizing and decorating your closet, turn on your most inspiring playlist. I like a little Beyoncé, some John Legend and a bit of Justin Timberlake to get inspired.
  • There is something about a comfortable yet luxurious cashmere hooded sweater and lounge pants that makes me feel good, and feeling good while spring-cleaning is essential.

  • The right cocktail will elevate the entire experience to a new level. I’m currently loving the Pimm’s Cup, made with ginger beer and Campari.


Getting Organized

Now that the mood has been set and you are feeling good and inspired, it’s time to get organized. You want to be able to walk into you closet in the morning and at the end of the day and feel clean and clear.

  • Start with your jewelry, which is often tangled and hard to find. Untangle your necklaces and either display in drawers neatly of hang them up. What you can see you will wear.

  • Organize your tops by type and color.
  • Discard all items you haven’t worn in six months to a charity like Dress For Success. If you have several white shirts or jeans from 2012 that you know you will never wear again (even though you paid $200), it’s time to pass them on.
  • Battery-operated lighted rods can change the entire look of your closet, I recommend replacing the existing rods with lighted rods.
  • I am loving Pliios, they are a new tool that helps to fold shirts and sweater, your closet will look like a boutique.
  • Purse Pillows are a great way to keep your handbags preserved and new.

What’s In and What’s Out….In Your Closet

No one is happier than I am that the closet has become a natural design extension of the rest of the house. What’s in? Beautiful light-filled inspired closets. What’s out? Dark, messy, disorganized closets. We all know an artfully designed space when we see it, and yet it’s not always easy to define how to get there. I try to start with a few of my “must have” items that make a closet luxurious, personal and above all – organized. Like all design trends, closet design is fluid and ever changing, and with a constant stream of new innovations the options are endless. If your pocketbook isn’t ready for your dream closet, there are any numbers of ways to start small. I advise clients to streamline their hangers so that they are all uniform, and to trade out rattan and wicker baskets for leather baskets, two simple strategies to move your closet into 2014.

Here are my top tips for WHAT’S IN in your closet and WHAT’S OUT in your closet.


  • Mixing free-standing pieces with built in cabinetry – whether it is an upholstered chair or a whimsical pouf, a free-standing piece adds an element of comfort and a point of interest
  • Sweater hangers – I sell a great line of crease free hangers
  • Lighting, such as chandeliers and lighted rods
  • Hanging scarves is both organized and visual
  • Custom designed corners add an element of luxe to your closet
  • Leather boxes for storing boots or seasonal items – another great item that is available on my site
  • Waterfall countertops on the island
  • Pliios – clothing filers that make it easy to fold clothes neatly


  • Mismatched hangers – it’s all about streamlining your hangers for a uniform look
  • White painted hanging rods
  • Reach-in corners
  • Clothes sticking out past the depth of your vertical divider panels
  • Half-extension drawers
  • Scarves stacked in drawers – hang them up and show them off
  • Closets that don’t go to the ceiling
  • Base and crown molding that doesn’t match the style of your closet










Architectural Digest Features LA Closet Design – Vote For Our San Juan Capistrano Closet Makeover!

As the most celebrated and revered shelter magazine, I am so honored to be a finalist in Architectural Digest’s Before + After Closet Showcase. The magazine has always been an inspiration to me. From its cutting-edge architecture and design to celebrity style and travel, it’s more than just inspirational – it’s aspirational. It provides a glimpse into the most innovative and creative minds in the design world, and I find myself endlessly generating new ideas with every new issue.

The contest showcases 12 before and after closet makeovers throughout the country (and one in Canada). LA Closet Design is included for our closet renovation in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Before the renovation the closet was disorganized, dark, and desperately in need of an update. From the gorgeous chandeliers that add a bit of decadence, to the shoe and handbag shelves and dark wood trim, the closet is now a beacon of beauty and order, if I do say so myself. There is nothing I love more than a good makeover, and when you see the before and after photos you too will swoon, I promise. My clients are thrilled, and nothing thrills me more than that.

On that note, I need your vote! Follow the link below to vote for LA Closet Design and the San Juan Capistrano closet makeover. You can vote once a day until February 24th. And your friends can vote too, hint hint.