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Time to Reboot – My Top Three Tips To Organize Your Closet For The New Year

It’s no secret that I believe in a well organized, aesthetically pleasing closet. Shirts and jackets hung with care, all shoes visible, sweaters folded neatly one on top of the other, it’s both an art and a science. And I can share my formula for maximizing your space and your wardrobe. Clutter is contagious, and if your closet is teeming with half hung sweaters and shoes strewn about the floor, you’re not starting off your day with a clear path, literally and metaphorically. It’s simple really, and it won’t take very long to organize your closet so that each and every piece has a home and is visible. If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it, and what’s the point in that fabulous wardrobe of yours if no one ever sees you in it.

Tip #1: Edit. And then edit again. Invite a friend over to help you sort through your closet to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the last four seasons and instinctively know you will never wear again. It will feel more rewarding to have the extra space and to donate your clothing to a worthy organization like Dress For Success. It’s liberating, and I release you from using the g-word (guilt) throughout the entire process. Your gently worn DVF dress will find a new home and be very happy there.

Tip #2: Purchase the right products. All of the hangers should match to achieve a consistent, uniform look throughout your closet. Invest in shoe shelves so that all of your shoes are visible and have their own shelf or cubby. My Purse Pillows are a perfect product to preserve your handbags and to display them in your closet. Invest in the infrastructure of your closet and everything will have a place, as long as you continue to edit throughout the year to avoid clutter.

Tip #3: Organize your accessories. It’s the little things that often get overlooked – scarves, jewelry, sunglasses, and if left to their own devices will create chaos in the closet. I recommend drawers with individual compartments for each piece of jewelry and each pair of sunglasses. Belt and tie racks are incredibly efficient at keeping belts and ties visible and organized, and I sell my own personal line at LA Closet Design.

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